Water Conservation

Water Conservation Demonstration Garden

Florida-friendly landscaping is beautiful, yet saves water and protects the environment through the reduced use of pesticides and fertilizer. It typically requires less maintenance than traditional landscaping. Seminole County in partnership with the , has created this garden for your enjoyment.

The demonstration garden is located at the at the which is a Seminole County wilderness area.

Our goal is to inspire you to think about incorporating these concepts into your own yard.

Garden Layout
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  1. Sand Cordgrass
  2. Muhly Grass
  3. Walter's Viburnum
  4. Sunshine Mimosa
  5. Blue Porterweed
  6. Shiny Blueberry
  7. Leavenworth's tickseed
  8. Tropical Sage
  9. Simpson's Stopper
  10. Gopher Apple
  11. Purple Coneflower
  12. Coral Honeysuckle
  13. Tampa verbena
  14. Rosinweed
  15. Carolina Jessamine
  16. Wild Petunia
  17. Firebush
  18. Cabbage palm
  19. Elliot's or Silver Lovegrass
  20. Coontie
  21. Dahoon Holly

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